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relentless pursuit




A Special Forces Veteran operated strength development program. For power and performance focused programming and one on one personal training sessions within the greater Ottawa area. There are a variety of programs to choose from that best suit your fitness and strength needs, programs available are Power & Strength, Military Fitness, Adaptive Athletics, Olympic Lifting training, and Metabolic Conditioning. Personal training offers a foundational movement training, powerlifting specific coaching, and conditioning workouts. Lets get started, get lifting, and leading a stronger life.

Relentless in the pursuit of strength. 




Selecting the program that best suits your goals and fitness needs is a crucial starting point for everyone. We have arranged a series of programs that vary from Power and Strength to. Metabolic Conditioning. 


personal training

Coaching is a important piece of the strength training realm. Weekly sessions are available within the greater Ottawa  area. Professional grade solutions to ensure maximum athletic performance and safety to move through various exercises.


Programming/online coaching

For those who are remote programming, we've setup a variety of specific training regimes that relate to the goals you want. With video correspondence available its like having a personal coaching session.